28 May 2020

Numerous updates across the site

Release date reference, page two of the 45's, Live and Hendrix, AYE intro' updated and revised, photo's added.

New site lay out


The main topic of the site, that of vinyl releases is presented as follows:

The “core” albums of Are You Experienced, Axis. Bold As Love, Electric Ladyland and Band Of Gypsys each have dedicated page(s), with Band Of Gypsys incorporating related releases such as The Fillmore set and Machine Gun for obvious reason.

Smash Hits has also been given a dedicated page as this too was also a release that stretches back to Jimi’s lifetime and a notable release at that. There are clear omissions to some releases in Jimi’s lifetime from this section, Historic Performances which takes part of the JHE's Monterey performance and a number of single and E.P. issues for instance. These appear elsewhere on the site.

Following the core set and Smash Hits I have grouped the initial posthumous releases together, both studio based and the live releases: Cry Of Love, Rainbow Bridge, Loose Ends and War Heroes make up the studio based side while Isle Of Wight and In The West covers the live side. Also included here as it pre dates the Alan Douglas tenure is the Soundtrack album.

7”, 10” and 12” singles and Extended Plays [E.P.’s] have the same dedicated page regardless of release date. 

Live albums, which do not contain any studio material has a dedicated section as does the studio releases. Though the latter may well have incorporated some live material, box sets for instance.

Hendrix as a side man has dedicated page(s) so that clearly will include a lot of the fake material associated with Jimi releases on LP. It will include Lonny Youngblood, Curtis Knight, Isley Brothers and Little Richard to name but four.

Test pressings and promotional material has now been incorporated on their relevant title page, though there may be an odd piece that appears in the “Strange Beautiful” page. Dedicated Interview disc’s has a page while Radio Broadcast discs have been filtered out to a page of its own.

No change to the date Reference page and also the "Select Reviews" and "Information of some Titles" pages remain.

I hope this site is enjoyed as well as offering simply a reference source, comments and feedback always welcome. There is no attempt to put up as many records as is possible as some other sites attempt to undertake, accuracy of information is the key here. Nor does this site look to influence market value of any record.

22 June 2019

N.B. The above is not set in stone at this juncture, this revised site will evolve and find its own structure over time.


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